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Bekers groep Aalten.jpg

Group of friends Aalten

Had a fantastic midweek at Forza Totana in southern Spain.
100% enjoyed the hospitality of Freddie and Renate Dieperink, wonderful sporting activities and culinary festivities! Plenty of sun from early morning until sunset!!

Highly recommended!

Groep wandelarrangement maart 2024_edited.jpg

Walking arrangement 
March 2024

A week with a golden edge. We really enjoyed everything and everyone around us. The super hospitality of you, Freddie and Renate, your enthusiasm, your good care, the geniality, your humor and your entire organization. Nothing was too crazy.


Really fantastic!

Mireille en Robert.jpg

Mireille and Robert

What a wonderful place with fruit from our own garden, eggs from our own chickens... a great view in beautiful surroundings, a guarantee for a top holiday!!!


Running arrangement Murcia Marathon 2024

Thanks for everything!! It was perfectly arranged, we came back completely zen and relaxed! Completely happy. We will definitely recommend Forza Totana within our (running) network and we hope we will come back again!

The muscle pain has disappeared a bit now haha, it was a great weekend! Thank you for the good care!

Thank you so much for this great weekend! I will never forget this, what a special experience.

Thanks for everything!! It was a really wonderful weekend and you two are fantastic together! I would really love to come back one day and discover all those mountains there.


Walking arrangement November 2023

Thanks again 1000x for the fantastic days. Now enjoy and catch up on the incredibly beautiful and pleasant days.

So slowly it's starting to sink in what I've experienced over the past few days... I can only say that it was very special and I really enjoyed it...

familie Hoek.jpg

Family Hoek

Grandiose, what beautiful houses with good stylish decoration, swimming pools and fruit that you can pick yourself.


Nice area for cycling and walking.

Stap in .jpg

'Stap'- training program

Last week I was allowed to try-out a new training program with colleagues. A week in beautiful Totana in Spain. A week in which personal development & personal leadership were central, combined with the 3 elements of FITality; relaxation, exercise and nutrition. The literal and figurative highlight of the week is a challenging sporting activity to the highest point in the area. In my case, I climbed this mountain by bike and on the way relieved my pain with attention to the beautiful surroundings and the nice company around me.  I look back with great warmth on a valuable, emotional and activating week. 


Group 'De eetclub'

Thank you for your great hospitality and the wonderful stay.
We will always remember how good we had it.
We can take it again for a while.

Familie Sprick.jpg

Family Sprick

Dear Freddie and Renate, thank you very much for your hospitality. We really enjoyed the past week.


It was perfect!

Groepsfoto wandelarrangement maart 2023.jpeg

Walking arrangement
March 2023

With Renate and Freddie as uniquely wonderful hosts in a uniquely beautiful location, it isto create of beautiful memories guaranteed! 

On the return journey we only talked about the past beautiful days and had to laugh again at the wonderful anecdotes that were told  

Thanks for a lot of fun. 

We will never forget this!  


Running arrangement Murcia Marathon 2023

We really enjoyed it immensely. A huge thank you for the hospitality, cosiness, unburdening and geniality. You are nice, honest and sincere people.

Group 'Aalten' has kept a fantastic blog about their experiences in Totana. Highly recommended to read all four. Below the link:

Blog dag 1

Blog dag 2

Blog dag 3

Blog dag 4


Group 'Alivio Personal Training'

How AWESOME it was!Really really beautiful!


The whole group had a great time!

I also enjoyed myself immensely and with a smile and a tear of happiness I look back on a fantastic experience!


Compliments! Fantastic!

Thank you Freddie and Renate!

De Laat Charlotte.jpg

Family De Laat

Actually too many to mention. First up is the hospitality of the owners Freddie and Renate. So special what they do and how they run Forza Totana, really great! The beautiful houses, which are fully equipped, and the beautiful surroundings. In a word: fantastic!

KVV Losser.jpg

KVV Losser

Just returned in a cold and very wet Losser. That's different... Thanks again for what you have done for the boys and supervisors. The whole weekend was organized down to the last detail and provided with everything. The guys really made a memory for life. They never stop talking about this!

Filyne en Sandra.jpeg

Filyne & Sandra

Back in the Netherlands, the contrast with the beautiful surroundings of Totana and your hospitality is great. We enjoyed a lot.

Rene Nijboer.jpg

Rene Nijboer

I have enjoyed cycling and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and lovely & nice people around me. I look back on it with great pleasure. I really enjoyed meeting you guys. And I or we will come back for sure!

Wandelen Aledo.jpeg

Group 'Eibergen'

Had a lovely holiday with great friends in Spanish Totana. Great reception by Renate and Freddie Dieperink from Forza Totana. Cycling and walking, swimming lengths in the pool at the spacious villa and of course enjoying the Spanish sun and the local cuisine.

Te Lintelo.jpg

Family Te Lintelo

Everyone in the family had a super nice week and they thought you were really nice and hospitable people!!

We thank you again for everything and we will keep in touch.

Michiel Berends.jpg

Michiel Berends

Michiel Berends, a beautiful boy, came to visit us this week with his fantastic parents Margo Berends and Harm Berends. As a former neighbor in Haaksbergen, Michiel already had a special place in our hearts, but after this week it has become a place. Friend, you are and will remain a huge topperrrrrrr.

Jan en Ankie ter Brake.jpg

Family Ter Brake

Still reminiscing, how we enjoyed your hospitality, cosiness, house, swimming pool, paella and bicycles!


It was great!!!

Luc en Vero.jpg

Luc & Vero

When we return home, we immediately miss your company and the beautiful surroundings of Totana. We really had such a good time with you! WOW.

See you soon.


Ceciel and Willem Jan Hassink

On your beautiful estate we were able to enjoy beautiful weather, peace, space and lots of fun. Harvesting olives together with the accompanying 'after party' was great! The visits to the great eateries in Totana were great, not to mention your wonderful paella reception! We'll be back!

Erik en Esther_edited.jpg

Erik & Esther

We have enjoyed your hospitality and enthusiasm. So simple and casual.


Thank you very much and we will definitely come back for mountain biking and lovely walks.

Aranka en Tessa.JPG

Aranka & Thessa

Had -for the second time- a wonderful week with friends in this luxurious house. Nothing is missing in the house. We made extensive use of the swimming pool, the barbecue with fresh vegetables from the land and the electric bicycles.


There is a lot of freedom and hospitality. Definitely recommended for a wonderful holiday!

Gera en Erik.jpeg

Erik & Gera Notkamp

Had a wonderful holiday! In the morning tasty tomatoes from the field and during the day you can cool off in the pool. The beer at the end of the afternoon was a nice chat moment.


You have to make memories yourself!


Jolanda, Lili & Taoli Stortelder

We enjoyed it so much and we miss the peace, not having to do it, the weather...!

Next time definitely more often together with Renate on the racing bike.  

We are going to come with more people, so see you soon!

Fam Gielink.JPG

Family Gielink

It's always coming home to Totana. Enjoy the beautiful accommodation and of course your hospitality. Through the energy of Renate and Freddie through running and mountain biking we get to know the area better. Hanging out together at the bar and reminiscing is a moment that we look back on with great pleasure. On to next time!


Henk & Mariska de Vries

What a great Easter weekend, lovely weather, fantastic accommodation  and the best host and hostess. We have been able to enjoy a bike ride, walking tours and meet beautiful people.


The Loft is fully equipped and the location is spectacular. We had a delicious meal from our own garden with eggs from own chickens. We'll be back for sure. Thanks again Freddie and Renate!


Family Ardon

We stayed with our family to our full satisfaction in the summer of 2020 with Freddie and Renate. Totana has everything to offer for a family like us. The vegetable garden is fantastic, you can pick everything for your evening meal, which of course you prepare in the mega barbecue. The electric bicycles that you can rent are also recommended. Whistling up the mountain has never been so easy. The pool was in use until late in the evening, optimal privacy guaranteed. You can walk straight into nature from the house, you don't even have to go out on the street for this. Nature is beautiful, many trips to do in the area. And the hospitality of the host and hostess also makes you feel at home like God in Spain.



Lea van der Last

After our super nice holiday I did something I've never done before: immediately booked again for next year!! The stay in the new house was wonderful. With the swimming pool and the beautiful place in the middle of nature, it is a true paradise. We all enjoyed it and is therefore very worthwhile. Dear Freddie & Renate, thank you for this unforgettable holiday and good care.

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