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You can also rent bicycles during your stay. One can argue about taste, but not about quality. With more than 125,000 km on the bike counter over the last 5 years, we know exactly what we are talking about. Although we have no commercial interest in the Dutch company, we have been a loyal ambassador of Sensa Bikes for many years. Top quality from Almelo (the Netherlands).

Discover the vast surroundings of the Sierra Espuña and the many beautiful villages around it by bike. We have the following models for rent: 


With this Sensa E-trekking bike Travel Power V10 you can ride easily through the hilly southern Spanish landscape. And if you need a push when you go up the hill, the electric power source generates extra power. When you go down the hill, you are assured of sufficient braking power due to the solid disc brakes. This bike makes your car virtually redundant.  


The rental price of this E-trekking bike is: € 25 per day or € 135 per week.    


This Sensa Giulia G3 Disc Stealth racing bike is an all-rounder, fitted with the very best components, that guides you through the mountains as if they were hills. And if the chain goes to the right, this top model has no speed limit. We offer the unique option by putting together your own bike (if available, of course). Think of:

  • Manual or electronic shifting (Di2). 

  • Ultegra or Dura-Ace group.

  • Round or oval sprockets in the combination compact (34-50), mid-compact (36-52) or double (39-53).

The rental price of this racing bike is (depending on the composition): € 25/€ 35 per day or € 135/€ 150 per week.    


This Sensa E-mountain bike Merano Power Pro makes cruising through the forests of the Sierra Espuña a real party. Ascent percentages of more than 20% become child's play with the electric pedal assistance. Hundreds of kilometers of single tracks, gravel paths and 'via verdes' (the green roads) around Casa Forza. Discover the new dimension of mountain biking.


The rental price of this E-mountain bike is: € 25 per day or € 135 per week.


To rent a bike is only possible for people from 16 years or older. 

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