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About us

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We are Renate and Freddie Dieperink. In the meantime fifties and always busy with an active and sporty life. Since 2007, we come to the beautiful southern Spanish Totana. Over the years we have discovered the beauty of the area and have come to appreciate the warm Spanish culture more and more. In 2017 we decided to buy a house there and that turned out to be a great move. We are now very happy to be real 'Totaneros'. And to introduce as many people as possible to the active, educational, culinary and above all relaxed Spanish life, we have built three holiday homes for our guests. These holiday homes are located next to our own house and offer space for 2-5 people per house.

Everything that is desirable is provided, including a lovely private swimming pool. What we do and have to offer is comprehensive. Our 'backyard', the Sierra Espuña, the authentic town of Totana and the surrounding area guarantee a relaxed, versatile and varied interpretation of your stay. An optimal combination of exertion and relaxation.


During your stay, our aim is to give you the ultimate feeling of hospitality. And when you go again we hope you say 'hasta pronto'!


Gathering information is always free and without obligation. 

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