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What could be better than practicing your hobby all year round? Totana and the surrounding area is a cycling paradise for cyclists, mountain bikers and tour cyclists. Having a drink on the way in one of the typical Spanish villages is certainly recommended and will undoubtedly give you the ultimate holiday feeling. Top quality bicycles such as sporty city bikes, mountain bikes (both electric), racing bikes and gravel bikes are available!


For walkers, the beautiful Sierra Espuña hiking area is located in our 'backyard'. During the hike you are guaranteed to be rewarded with fantastic views. Stroll endlessly on foot through the beautiful mountains in a 'back to basic' way, sometimes meeting no one for hours. Natural sources provide you with sufficient and safe drinking water. The advanced hiker can even 'hike' there. We offer fully catered cycling and/or walking holidays. The routes are varied and at every level. And if you wish, you can experience them accompanied by experienced guides.

There are also many golf clubs in our area. Courses in the mountains, overlooking the city of Murcia or in a natural desert valley. Besides the fact that you can walk a wonderful round over 9 or 18 holes, the location of the course provides unforgettable views. 


The southern Spanish sun provides the relevant, natural vitamin D. In the garden of our holiday homes you can also make free use of other vitamins that are available and that every person needs. Think of ecologically grown fruit, vegetables and herbs.  


Or after exertion, relaxation follows and you can then immerse yourself in your own swimming pool. Just do nothing, enjoy the peace and relax. At our pool there are plenty of sunbeds for sunbathing or reading a book.

The most beautiful (private) beaches are about a 25-minute drive away. Extensive sandy beaches that are child-friendly. Of course, such a day at the beach includes an extensive Spanish lunch such as the typical Murcian rice dishes paella or caldero, which are freshly prepared in the many restaurants.  

Seafood Paella


We can ensure that you discover the real Spain with all the customs and culinary interpretations. Spain is known for its paella and tapas. Would you like to learn how to make paella or tapas yourself? This is possible during various cooking workshops that we offer in our cozy gardens and which are provided by the local Totaneros.


Click here for a nice impression video of the workshop 'making paella'. 

The province of Murcia has many small-scale 'bodegas', or wineries. Visiting a local winery is highly recommended if you like a glass of wine. Experienc shows that the host will not disappoint you. Or visit the Licor 43 Experience; in the nearby town of Cartagena. A unique opportunity to discover the origins and secrets of Licor 43.

Or prepare delicious dishes from your own garden on your own outdoor BBQ. Who wouldn't want that!


Totana has a long history. The first settlements date from the Bronze Age, between 2200 and 1900 before the start of the Common Era (BC). The remains date from this period, found on the hill called 'Santa Lucia', where the municipal cultural center 'La Bastida' is now located. This is one of the most important archaeological sites in European prehistory and well worth a visit.

While discovering the authentic village of Totana, a visit to the local potter ('alfereria') should not be missed. Totana is the pottery village of Spain! A pottery workshop is one of the possibilities. It immediately ensures that you take home a unique souvenir from the region that you have made yourself. How nice is that!

A city visit to surrounding places such as Murcia, Cartagena, Mazarrón or Lorca guarantees cultural inspiration. Visit cathedrals, churches, castles, or inspiring museums in any city.

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