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1: Experience in Spain

In and around the heavenly southern Spanish town of TOTANA there are beautiful houses for sale, palaces we would say, and for very attractive prices. But yes, unknown is unloved and the Spanish language appears to be a huge barrier for many to take the step to purchase a (second) home, leaving unique opportunities behind.


The Dutch guidance during the initial phase of the purchase process was decisive when purchasing our first house in TOTANA in 2017. We were completely taken care of and guided through the various facets that arose during the purchase of a house. Consider the knowledge surrounding legislation and regulations and contacts with government agencies. Moreover, the guidance acted as an interpreter so that there were no language barriers.


It has now been 7 years and in the meantime we have gained a lot of experience because we have built, purchased and renovated a number of houses. Due to this experience and our entrepreneurship, we have developed a new activity in which we want to be your Dutch and Spanish speaking helping hand when purchasing a home in or around TOTANA (our first Unique Selling Point).

2: Method

Our second Unique Selling Point is our working method by offering a so-called five-day 'Living in Southern Spain' package. We will help you in your search for a home in a few days and are the link between you and the selling party. We speak our languages ​​and know the local customs. And over the past 7 years we have built up all the necessary connections with specialists, such as notaries, lawyers, accountants, insurance companies, contractors and subcontractors. This gives you insight at a glance into any possibilities and restrictions and associated costs. This means you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises and can make sound decisions based on this.


What do we offer you during our five-day 'Living in Southern Spain' package?

  • You will stay 4 nights in one of our luxury holiday homes, which gives you a first impression of the rural living pleasure. To introduce you to our luxury holiday homes, we would like to refer you to the tab on this website

  • We arrange transfers to and from Alicante airport.

  • We organize at least 3 viewings and, if desired, a number of cultural activities. After all, in addition to a beautiful house, you also want to know how heavenly it is in and around TOTANA and what this beautiful area has to offer.

  • During your stay there will be plenty of time to contact one or more specialists if you wish and to ask all your questions there.


The costs of this five-day 'Living in Southern Spain' package are €695 per person. The package gives you a range of information but it does not oblige you to anything. The costs for flights and food/drinks are at your own expense. A nice added bonus is that if you complete the purchase of a home through our mediation, you will receive the amount of this arrangement back!

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3: Portfolio

There are many Spanish local real estate agents active with a great diversity in terms of offering, so you may no longer see the forest for the trees. From plots of land, ruins, holiday homes, apartments, terraced houses, duplex houses to detached houses.


Our third Unique Selling Point is that we limit our offering to the last category, i.e. detached homes and then also in a rural environment.

  • The houses that we offer through mediation have the following characteristics:

  • Detached house with at least 2,500 m2 of land and its own swimming pool.

  • Rural location.

  • Asking price from € 350,000.

  • Location in or around TOTANA.

4. Personal approach

And our fourth Unique Selling Point is our personal approach and hospitality.

Have we aroused your interest through our story and would you like to contact us for more information without obligation?

Call us (+34 669 805 793 - Freddie) or email us (

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