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Fully enjoy the real Spanish life

Welcome to Forza Totana!

Forza Totana is our pride! We rent holiday homes that are fully equipped. If desired, we can also offer 'tailor-made' programs. In an unforced way, we share the stress-less and sunny (outdoor) life in and around the authentic town of Totana in southern Spain: a wonderful sporting, culinary, educational or creative stay under almost always fantastic weather conditions. The Sierra Espuña Natural Park is your backyard.

Be welcome in our holiday homes 'Casa Forza' and 'Loft Forza' and discover the real Spain! 

Our accommodations

Enjoy a wonderful holiday in beautiful southern Spain. We have several holiday homes that are equipped with every luxury. The houses border the Sierra Espuña and therefore have a phenomenal location with a guaranteed beautiful view. The authentic town of Totana is about 3 kilometers away.


On our plot are several fruit, olive and nut trees and we grow various vegetables and herbs that you as a guest can enjoy endlessly and for free, all year round!

Our arrangements

Totana has all the ingredients to let you experience a unique and memorable time together with friends or family members. Pure life can be discovered here again. The beautiful surroundings in combination with the wonderful climate offer numerous possibilities. For a creative, cultural, sporting, gastronomic or relaxing holiday.  

In addition, we organize various activities through unique arrangements. All information about this can be found on our news page. 

Latest news


Running package
Murcia Marathon 2024

Thanks for everything!! It was perfectly arranged, we came back completely zen and relaxed! Completely happy. We will definitely recommend Forza Totana within our (running) network and we hope we will come back again!


The muscle pain has disappeared a bit now haha, it was a great weekend! Thank you for the good care!

Thank you so much for this great weekend! I will never forget this, what a special experience.

Thanks for everything!! It was a really wonderful weekend and you two are fantastic together! I would really love to come back one day and discover all those mountains there.

Marathon 2024


Walking package
November 2023

Thanks again 1000x for the fantastic days. Now enjoy and catch up on the incredibly beautiful and pleasant days.

So slowly it's starting to sink in what I've experienced over the past few days... I can only say that it was very special and I really enjoyed it...

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