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Forza running event in regional media!

'People from Haaksbergen at the start in Murcia'


HAAKSBERGEN - A group of running enthusiasts from Haaksberg ran the Murcia half marathon last weekend. The group visited Freddie and Renate Dieperink, who live in Spain. The couple from Haaksbergen rents out holiday homes in Totana.

It was beautiful. A group of 20 people visited here from 3 to 7 February. The half marathon was part of the trip ,” says Dieperink. Life in Spain suits Freddie and Renate Dieperink well. “ We moved to Totana almost five years ago. Here we live among the Spanish people. So not among the tourists. We almost always live outside here ,” says Freddie, who is still a passionate athlete. He used to play football at VV Haaksbergen, is an avid cyclist and runner. Dieperink was also one of the participants of het Murcia half marathon.

Other Haaksberg participants were Marc Eijsink, Loes and Henk-Jan Baltink, Monique and Eddie Boerhof, Henk Bokdam, Huub Hodes, Remco Harmes, Odette and Mark Menzing, Ruud ten Voorde, Erwin Nijhuis, Ronald Hilderink and Claudia Wes.

A number of participants were accompanied by their partner, who was not involved himself. There were also some non-Haaksbergen residents in the group. Not everyone ran the half marathon.  There was also a ten kilometer run. Some women have opted for that distance, ” says Dieperink.


The couple returns to Haaksbergen several times a year for family visits.  But their life is in Spain. “Here we stay. We also offer cycling and walking packages under the name Forza Totana."

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